Below are a selection of the questions that frequently crop up about motor trade insurance: –

The broad definition of a motor trader is one or more persons that enter into a business for profit either on a full or part-time basis who is/are involved in the buying and selling and/or maintenance of vehicles.

For example, you could operate from home purchasing and selling the occasional car in your spare time or you could own a car showroom with 50 cars available for sale. You could run a mobile car valeting business, visiting customers at their homes or place of work to wash and valet their cars. You could be a motor mechanic carrying out repairs and servicing cars.

This will depend upon whom you asked the insurer to include in the policy as being able to drive a vehicle.

For instance, if you are a sole trader and have no employees, you may have only wished in insure yourself. If there is more than one person involved in the business such as a business partner and/or employee(s) then you could name the people that you would wish to be covered or you could ask for anybody over a particular age to be insured. The amount of your premium may be affected by this decision.

In order to be covered under the terms of a motor trade insurance policy the vehicle must either be under your control in connection with your business as a motor trader or the policyholder must be the registered keeper of the vehicle.

For instance, you could be a car salesman and visit a customer at their home to inspect and test-drive a car that they wished to sell. You would be covered whilst driving it for the level of cover stated in your policy document.

Yes, it is possible, in many instances, to arrange cover straight away having gone through the speedy process of obtaining a motor trade insurance quotation and completing a proposal form. Obviously, there may be instances when further information/clarification is required from you in order to assess your proposal that may delay arranging cover slightly.

Should you be in the unfortunate position of having to make a claim on your motor trade insurance policy you should contact the claims department of the insurance company the cover has been arranged with. These details will be provided by the company concerned within the policy details they will send to you.

You can be assured that your claim will be dealt with professionally and as quickly as possible at what may be a difficult period for your business due to the circumstance leading you to make a claim.