Policy Features

Here at Moto Trade Insurance we are keen to ensure that our customers obtain the most suitable motor trader cover to meet their needs. With such a wide selection of policy features available, we thought you would find it useful if we highlighted some that may be of benefit to you.

Material Damage – this provides cover for loss or damage to property such as buildings, fixtures and fittings, machinery, tools, stock and vehicles either owned by the business or a customer.

Road Risks – this provides cover when either vehicles owned by you or vehicles owned by customers under your control are being driven by you or other permitted drivers. There is a choice of either third party, third party fire and theft or fully comprehensive cover available.

Public liability Insurance – this provides cover should a customer, for instance, be visiting your business premises as a result of which they suffer an accidental injury or death or their property be damaged that would result in financial loss.

Product Liability Insurance – this provides cover should accidental injury or death occur to a customer or accidental damage occur to a customer’s property as a result of goods that you have supplied or sold being found to be at fault and financial loss occur.

Optional Extras could include: –

  • Loss of MOT License – this provides cover against the financial loss that could occur as a result of not being able to undertake MOTs or subsequent repair work to vehicles following the withdrawal/suspension of this license.
  • Employers Liability Insurance – this provides cover should an employee be accidentally injured or die or their property be damaged as a result of an incident relating to their employment by your business that would result in financial loss.
  • Business Interruption – this would provide cover should the business suffer financial loss as a result of one or more of those things covered under Material Damage and Road Risks occur affecting the business’s ability to carry out one or more of its activities.
  • Personal Accident – this provides a weekly income benefit for a period of time for business owners and employees should they suffer an accident in the course of their work resulting in the likes of death, loss of limb or loss of sight occur.