Collector / Restorer

Should you be involved in the business of collecting and restoring the likes of classic and vintage cars you will require some form of insurance to give you peace of mind should an unfortunate event occur. After all, these vehicles may well be worth considerable sums of money so you need adequate protection.

Such cover may be available as part of a motor trade insurance policy.

Obviously, you will be driving the car when collecting it from the owner’s home to bring it to your garage premises where you will be restoring the vehicle so, legally, will require Road Risk insurance. You will need to decide which level of cover to go for i.e. third party, third party fire and theft or fully comprehensive insurance.

Once the car is at your garage premises your responsibilities towards it should not stop there. You may wish to consider buildings cover if you have to insure the premises.  You may also own some expensive machinery and tools that, if damaged in a fire or be stolen, could impact negatively on your business’s trading performance so you may wish to insure those.

You will wish to ensure that should the classic car be stolen from your business premises that you have cover in place to help towards the retrieval of it or to replace it. Should it be damaged whilst you are restoring it, you will require suitable insurance.

You will be pleased to hear that here at Moto Insurance, we provide customers with access to motor trade insurance quotes from a variety of insurance providers hopefully enabling you to obtain a competitive quotation to cover one or more of the above risks.

Scrap Dealer

Those of you involved in running a breakers yard, salvage or scrap dealer business are no doubt well aware of the potential risks of earning a living in these ways. Therefore, it is important that you consider insuring against any potential risks.

For instance, if you were called out to a road traffic accident to salvage one or more vehicles that have been badly damaged, there is a significant risk of being injured perhaps when loading the damaged vehicle onto the recovery vehicle or from passing traffic on a busy road.

A breakers or scrap metal merchants yard is a potentially dangerous place to be with so many damaged cars piled on top of one another and machinery that could endanger life such as crushing machines and cranes. There is a significant chance of either you or one of your employees being injured whilst dismantling cars for their parts.

Motor trade insurance may be arranged to cover this type of business as long as it involves vehicles.  The policy could include cover for any buildings damaged or destroyed due to things like fire and storm along with any contents, stock, fixtures and fittings, plant and machinery and vehicles owned by the business or customers who have left them under your control.

You will require employer’s liability cover if you have any employees in case one of them sues you for having an injury at work. You may require public liability cover in case anyone is injured due to your business’s negligence.  You will require Road Risks insurance to cover the driving of any vehicles owned by the business or other people’s vehicles that you have control of.

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Breakdown Recovery

You can often be called out to a broken down vehicle at the most inconvenient of times such as the middle of the night and when the weather is at its worst. This is one of the reasons why running a breakdown and recovery business can be quite dangerous as you could be faced with traffic speeding by you as you try to get a vehicle started again in such conditions.

As careful as you will no doubt try to be, it is possible that you could damage the vehicle whilst attempting to load it onto a recovery truck. Despite you asking the owner of the vehicle to stand well back whilst you do this, he or she may try to help you in some way and suffer a serious injury. This is where the public liability element of a motor trade insurance policy could provide you with protection.

As good as you are, mistakes do happen and having managed to repair a car at the roadside, if it were to subsequently break down shortly after leaving the scene causing an accident you may be faced with a claim against you for financial compensation. Again, suitable liability cover could be arranged.

You are likely to drive not only your recovery truck but also customers’ vehicles so Road Risk insurance would be required by law.

If you employ anyone, whether that is full or part time, you are legally obliged to arrange employers liability insurance. This would provide cover should they sue you as a result of having an accident whilst working for you.

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Valeting & Wash

Whether you run your own mobile car wash and/or car valeting and detailing business or operate out of business premises you should seriously consider suitable motor trade insurance. This will provide you with complete peace of mind should something unfortunate happen such as damaging the bodywork on a car that you are working on.

There are various risks that you may wish to consider insuring against. For instance, if you are a mobile car valeter you will carry stock, portable equipment and tools to where you are going to valet a car. Goods in Transit cover provides insurance against the theft, loss or damage of such items.

If you were to ruin the paintwork of a very expensive car then public liability insurance would provide some protection. Servicing indemnity cover would also be of benefit if a problem occurred with the vehicle after it had been cleaned if, during the process, you had caused some form of mechanical damage to the car.

It is quite likely that you will occasionally need to drive a customer’s vehicle so Road Risks insurance would be required to provide you with either third party, third party fire and theft or fully comprehensive cover.

If you operate from business premises then you may wish to consider buildings and contents cover as well as many of the things detailed above to provide protection against fire, storm damage and theft.

Here at Moto Insurance we can provide you with access to competitive quotes to cover your car valet and/or car wash business so why not take the opportunity to spend a few minutes getting an online quote today.

Windscreen Repair

If you own a windscreen repair or windscreen replacement business, this may be either a mobile service and/or provide the facility for customers to bring their vehicles to your premises to be dealt with. In both cases, you will require some level of motor trade insurance to provide you with peace of mind should an unfortunate incident occur.

For instance, you may well drive the customer’s car at some point so you would need, by law, to be insured to drive not only your own vehicle but also the customers. Road Risk cover could be taken out.

If, during the repair, the customer was injured whilst watching you work perhaps due to the broken windscreen falling onto the car owner’s foot, they may sue you for damages to cover such things as loss of income and medical treatment and care. If you had public liability insurance in place you could claim on this towards covering the amount you were being sued for and the cost of legal expenses.

Equally, if one of your employees was injured whilst replacing or repairing the car windscreen they may decide to sue you and take you to court if, for instance, they had lost wages if they were unable to work. Employers liability insurance is a legal requirement if you have at least one employee and you could claim on this towards meeting the amount of the claim and legal expenses.

You may require insurance to cover your tools and equipment that you use both when providing a mobile service or when they are in your business premises. You may also wish to insure the buildings if they are your responsibility as well as any stock of windscreens etc.

Tyre & Exhaust

If you own a tyre or exhaust fitting business that may also include a brake pad/disc replacement service you will be well aware that you and any employees that you may have are working in a potentially risky business. With so much specialist equipment and a variety of tools being used, accidents can and do happen. Therefore, it is important that you insure against as many risks as possible.

For instance, if you employ any staff, by law you will require employer’s liability insurance. Should one of your employees suffer a serious injury or die as a result of something taking place whilst carrying out their work you may be sued for a considerable sum of money. Employer’s liability cover would provide you with financial protection should this happen.

You will, of course, have many customers that visit your premises to drop off their car to have a new tyre or exhaust fitted. Should a customer be injured whilst at your premises perhaps due to slipping on some liquid on the floor, falling and banging their head, then, they may sue you for such things as loss of earnings. Public liability insurance would provide cover for such an occurrence.

If a wheel were not put back on a customer’s car correctly following having a new tyre fitted resulting in the customer having an accident and being injured and their car written off then suitable liability insurance can be arranged to cover this eventuality.

Equally, if the new tyre you fitted was faulty resulting in a blowout on the motorway causing an accident, your customer may sue you due to the product being faulty. If you had Product Liability insurance you could then look to sue the manufacturer of the tyre.

You will be driving customers’ cars so will, by law, require Road Risks insurance that would provide protection dependent upon the level chosen i.e. third party, third party fire and theft or fully comprehensive.

If you own the business premises or rent them but are responsible for insuring them you will wish to consider buildings cover as well as possibly insuring the contents.

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If you are either setting up a new bodyshop business or have an established one that carries out repairs and resprays to the bodywork of vehicles damaged in accidents you will wish to make sure that you have bodyshop insurance in place that provides you with the appropriate level(s) of cover for a competitive premium. You will be pleased to hear that this sort of insurance can quickly be arranged within a motor trade insurance policy.

Bodyshops comes in all sizes, from the sole trader operating out of one small industrial unit to a large company with numerous body repair shops spread around the UK. You could also operate as a mobile smart repairer where your work is often carried out outside the customer’s home or business premises.

Whatever your requirements, you will be pleased to hear that, through ourselves at, we can help you arrange the cover that you require at a competitive premium with one of the many specialist insurers that we provide you with access to.

A combined motor trade insurance policy could include cover for your business premises that you work from so that, for instance, should there be a serious fire that destroyed the building you would have peace of mind knowing that the insurance policy would cover the majority of the costs to repair/rebuild the property. You could also insure the contents including any plant and machinery such as paint spray guns and spray booths. Other risks that you could be insured against include theft and water damage.

You may also wish to make sure that you have public liability cover included in the above policy in case a customer was seriously injured whilst on your premises. If they were successful in suing you, this could run into millions of pounds and this type of insurance should pay out on your behalf.

It is a legal requirement that, if you employ someone in the bodyshop, that you have employer’s liability cover in case they sue you having had an accident at work. This can usually be incorporated within the above policy.

It is likely that you and your employees will be involved in driving cars that are owned by both the business and its customers. Road Risks cover can usually be included within a combined motor trade insurance policy so that you meet this legal requirement.

Mechanic / Servicing

If you run your own business carrying out mechanical work and/or the servicing of cars or other vehicles then it is likely that you will require motor trade insurance to provide you with complete peace of mind in the event of something untoward happening. You will be pleased to hear that you can arrange such cover through this website who provide you with access to a number of the major insurance companies offering this type of specialist insurance.

For instance, combined motor trade insurance can include cover for such things as machinery and tools, ramps and lifting equipment in case they are stolen or destroyed in a fire. If you own the building in which your business operates from or are responsible for insuring it, buildings and contents cover can also be included to provide cover for such things as fire, water damage and theft.

You will no doubt have customers visit your garage premises. Therefore, it is important that you consider public liability insurance in case a visitor to your premises suffers some injury whilst their and sues you.

If you have one or more employees, you are legally obliged to have employer’s liability insurance to cover you should one of them sue you as a result of suffering an injury whilst carrying out their work.

You may also wish to consider product liability insurance should, for example, a part that you fit to a vehicle fail and the driver suffer an accident and sue you for damages.

You will no doubt be driving customer’s cars to test them, perhaps both before and after carrying out mechanical work so you can arrange road risk insurance within a motor trade insurance policy to cover you and any employees should you have an accident. This is a legal requirement.

Whether you are a full time, part time or mobile mechanical or servicing specialist you can arrange suitable cover and you can get a competitive quote via our online quote form.

Car Sales

If you are running a business buying and selling new and/or used cars then you will almost certainly require Road Risk insurance as a minimum which is a form of motor trade insurance. That is, of course, assuming either you or anyone else that owns the business with you or a car sales person employed by you will be driving vehicles either owned by the business or customers’ cars under the control of the business that will require trade plates to be attached to the vehicle.

This is likely to be the case as you will no doubt be driving vehicles around the forecourt where the cars are on display or collecting a customer’s car from their home that you have just purchased with a view to selling.

In such situations, it is a legal requirement that you have a minimum of third party cover in place so that, at very least, if you were involved in an accident that was your fault you would be covered for any damage to other vehicles, property or injuries or death to other people. The car you are driving would not be covered for any mishap to it. The other levels of cover are third party, fire and theft and fully comprehensive insurance. These levels of cover are the same as ordinary car insurance that you are no doubt familiar with.

It does not matter whether you are working part time or full time or whether you operate your business from home or a car sales showroom you will be pleased to hear that here at Moto Insurance, we can help you arrange suitable cover.

So, if you would like a competitive quote for Road Risks motor trader insurance why not take a few minutes to obtain one through us.