Car Sales

If you are running a business buying and selling new and/or used cars then you will almost certainly require Road Risk insurance as a minimum which is a form of motor trade insurance. That is, of course, assuming either you or anyone else that owns the business with you or a car sales person employed by you will be driving vehicles either owned by the business or customers’ cars under the control of the business that will require trade plates to be attached to the vehicle.

This is likely to be the case as you will no doubt be driving vehicles around the forecourt where the cars are on display or collecting a customer’s car from their home that you have just purchased with a view to selling.

In such situations, it is a legal requirement that you have a minimum of third party cover in place so that, at very least, if you were involved in an accident that was your fault you would be covered for any damage to other vehicles, property or injuries or death to other people. The car you are driving would not be covered for any mishap to it. The other levels of cover are third party, fire and theft and fully comprehensive insurance. These levels of cover are the same as ordinary car insurance that you are no doubt familiar with.

It does not matter whether you are working part time or full time or whether you operate your business from home or a car sales showroom you will be pleased to hear that here at Moto Insurance, we can help you arrange suitable cover.

So, if you would like a competitive quote for Road Risks motor trader insurance why not take a few minutes to obtain one through us.