Scrap Dealer

Those of you involved in running a breakers yard, salvage or scrap dealer business are no doubt well aware of the potential risks of earning a living in these ways. Therefore, it is important that you consider insuring against any potential risks.

For instance, if you were called out to a road traffic accident to salvage one or more vehicles that have been badly damaged, there is a significant risk of being injured perhaps when loading the damaged vehicle onto the recovery vehicle or from passing traffic on a busy road.

A breakers or scrap metal merchants yard is a potentially dangerous place to be with so many damaged cars piled on top of one another and machinery that could endanger life such as crushing machines and cranes. There is a significant chance of either you or one of your employees being injured whilst dismantling cars for their parts.

Motor trade insurance may be arranged to cover this type of business as long as it involves vehicles.  The policy could include cover for any buildings damaged or destroyed due to things like fire and storm along with any contents, stock, fixtures and fittings, plant and machinery and vehicles owned by the business or customers who have left them under your control.

You will require employer’s liability cover if you have any employees in case one of them sues you for having an injury at work. You may require public liability cover in case anyone is injured due to your business’s negligence.  You will require Road Risks insurance to cover the driving of any vehicles owned by the business or other people’s vehicles that you have control of.

So, if you are looking for a tailor made insurance policy to suit the needs or your business, why not give us a call today or complete our online quote.