Tyre & Exhaust

If you own a tyre or exhaust fitting business that may also include a brake pad/disc replacement service you will be well aware that you and any employees that you may have are working in a potentially risky business. With so much specialist equipment and a variety of tools being used, accidents can and do happen. Therefore, it is important that you insure against as many risks as possible.

For instance, if you employ any staff, by law you will require employer’s liability insurance. Should one of your employees suffer a serious injury or die as a result of something taking place whilst carrying out their work you may be sued for a considerable sum of money. Employer’s liability cover would provide you with financial protection should this happen.

You will, of course, have many customers that visit your premises to drop off their car to have a new tyre or exhaust fitted. Should a customer be injured whilst at your premises perhaps due to slipping on some liquid on the floor, falling and banging their head, then, they may sue you for such things as loss of earnings. Public liability insurance would provide cover for such an occurrence.

If a wheel were not put back on a customer’s car correctly following having a new tyre fitted resulting in the customer having an accident and being injured and their car written off then suitable liability insurance can be arranged to cover this eventuality.

Equally, if the new tyre you fitted was faulty resulting in a blowout on the motorway causing an accident, your customer may sue you due to the product being faulty. If you had Product Liability insurance you could then look to sue the manufacturer of the tyre.

You will be driving customers’ cars so will, by law, require Road Risks insurance that would provide protection dependent upon the level chosen i.e. third party, third party fire and theft or fully comprehensive.

If you own the business premises or rent them but are responsible for insuring them you will wish to consider buildings cover as well as possibly insuring the contents.

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